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June 17 2017

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June 16 2017

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Happy French girl and her cat (1959).

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There’s something about Studio Ghibli’s Water physics that I love

While it is a liquid, it tends to behave more gelatinously

It’s so beautiful while almost being awkward *bloop*

Gravity? Surface tension? No? Well, just let me hug her!!

Not even seeming to make skin or cloth wet

It looks so satisfyingly bouncy

Tell me what you guys think and what’s your fav movie thing about Ghibli

I remember hearing/seeing a post where Ghibli’s water always -looks- like how water -feels-.

Like when you’re crying it just feels like

And when it’s raining it’s like

Like Ghibli has that perfect look of water where yeah, it’s not exactly -realistic- but they capture the perfect feeling.

I love this and now I need to find a collection of gifs oh Ghibli hair. I love when it does the poof thing. None of this is realistic, but it is wonderfully emotive. Emotions usually feel more talk than physics anyways.

Ghibli movies tend to exude an almost dreamlike feeling or a feeling like nostalgia– like, the general mood of the films feel like summer in the country when the sun is shining and it’s quiet and there’s a breeze going, or the smell of fresh cookies from the oven or the way a freshly-laundered quilt feels when it’s wrapped around you by someone you love.

They just FEEL good.  Even the sad movies still give off that same feeling.  It’s almost tangible, but still feels like a fond memory.

It’s really hard to describe kfjhsfjk.

studio ghibli has a weird way of having both very little and alot of movement at the same time

I’m not alone. Dude every movie does this to me.

Fot. Marcin Butryn
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Zbliżają się wakacje, ostrzeżcie znajomych!
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June 15 2017

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